Nursing Anne

Diseñado para la simulación y práctica de un completo rango de cuidados y valoración del paciente. Permite la adición de multisonidos, auscultación y toma de presión arterial.

El Nursing Anne es un maniquí basado en escenarios, diseñado para el entrenamiento en el cuidado y tratamiento de una extensa variedad de
pacientes hospitalarios. Nursing Anne es un maniquí, efectivo y flexible para entrenamiento en cuidados de la mujer, obstetricia, post-parto, valoración y tratamiento de heridas y valoración y tratamiento general del paciente.

Patient Care:

• Head with anatomical landmarks, trachea, and esophagus, along with simulated lungs and stomach, allow the practice of many procedures
• Irrigation of the eye and ear (simulated)
• Application/instillation of medications in the eye, ear and nose including nasal packing
• Mouth and denture care procedures
• Insertion and suctioning of oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways
• Insertion, securing, and care of endotracheal tubes
• Tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning
• Various oxygen delivery procedures
• NG tube insertion, care, medication administration, and removal
• Gastric lavage and gavage
• Full range of motion for realistic patient handling
• Fingers and toes are spread to allow bandaging
• Interchangeable stomas depict colostomy, ileostomy and suprapubic cystotomy
• Colostomy may be irrigated and will retain an indwelling catheter

Blood Pressure / Pulses:

• Articulating blood pressure arm for auscultated and palpated blood pressure simulation
• Korotkoff sounds synchronized with ECG
• Korotkoff sounds volume control in 10 steps, 0-9
• Systolic and diastolic pressure may be set individually in steps of 2 mmHG
• Systolic 0-300 mmHG, Diastolic 0-200 mmHG
• Auscultative Gap, with on/off feature
• Pressure accuracy +/- 4 mmHG
• Calibrate function to adjust pressure sensor and cuff gauge
• Palpated pulse simulator controls brachial and radial pulses
• Pulses only active when palpated
• Pulses synchronized with programmable ECG
• Pulse strengths dependent on Blood Pressure
• Manually generated carotid pulse

Circulatory Skills and IV Drug Administration:

• Articulating IV training arm with replaceable skin and infusible vein system
allows peripheral intravenous therapy and site care
• Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa and dorsum of the hand
• Accessible veins include median, basilic and cephalic
• Subclavian, jejunostomy and Hickman catheter openings (placement only)
• Deltoid, dorsogluteal, and vastus lateralis IM injections possible


• Heart sounds synchronized with ECG
• Auscultated lung sounds synchronized with breathing, 0 - 60 BPM
• Individual lung sound selection
• Normal or abnormal bowel sounds
• Vocal sounds: Computer-generated sounds, recorded vocal sounds
and real-time voice input via headset
• User generated vocal sounds

Interchangeable Male and Female Genitalia:

• Complete urinary catheterization
• Can be attached to urinary and colon reservoirs via connector valves
• Female genitalia capable of vaginal douching
• Will retain indwelling or straight catheter
• Enema procedures may be performed using fluid for realistic return
• When used with manikin, fluid may be used for realistic return
• Urinary valves give the natural resistance felt when catheterizing
• Anal valves simulate the internal anal sphincter